Wednesday, 18 March 2015

Soul Connections

Loved this...makes sense! Read on : You have lived for many lifetimes n u have lived it with many of whom u я associated with; be it family ties or even those who don't really get along with u or try to harm u emotionally, physically n spiritually. All belong to a SOUL GROUP! U all have travelled together for lifetimes. U have all shared various relationships with each other. Father, mother, wife, grandparents, uncle aunt, brother sister, in laws, friends, servants, neighbours, driver n even many a times So-called enemies. Each person belonging to the Soul Group tries to help the other move spiritually n reduce the Karmic baggage. Sometimes the soul that loves u the most, might willingly take birth as an Enemy or a tormentor in a lifetime, just to help u work out ur karma. Thus imagine, a person who u think hates u or wants to finish u off n in return u hate, might be ur greatest well-wisher Spiritually. He or She may be responsible for ur turning spiritual or compassionate. That very person who is creating hell in ur life may bring u closer to God and prayers and spirituality but is doing so in a manner that hurts u in the present lifetime, but may be, that is the only way u will learn the lesson.
Sometimes a soul is reborn just to comfort u n be there like a rock of strength. So tell me, Who is ur friend n Who is ur enemy? May be they all я ur Soul-family wanting to help u n u helping them in return.
Sometimes an opportunity comes in the form of a Disaster! Sometimes the only way God can find place in ur heart n life is thru pain n sorrow n turmoil. Life is strange n thus never form judgements or abuse or hate or say nasty things abt ppl. Who knows, u may be harming the one who loves u the most spiritually! We all я entwined in Karma n in God! Don't hurt or abuse or hate anybody as u don't know, u may be hurting ur dearest n most beloved, but u can't recognize it as the soul is wearing a different body in this particular lifetime. Don't judge too easily.
Think about it !!!