Monday, 8 June 2015

#Arsi prayer

The Powers of Ashem Vohu!

The efficacy of Ashem Vohu is explained in Yasna 20.

When this manthra is chanted correctly, the sky blue colored Vibrationary energies build up a type defense system to keep the reciter away  from evil onslaughts which endeavour to take possession of the body and mind. As a result the unrighteous thoughts that come out of the mind in the form of negative energies are trapped into this envelope of the Staota of Ashem Vohu, and transmitted into Gav or  positive energy.

Ashem is that divine power. It is therefore Vohu (good).  The person who develops this power of Asha always thinks good of others, and not of himself . Implied in this is humbleness and absence of ego, the bane of evil. So Asha is not merely good, it is (Asti) the best (Vahistem), a power of highest excellence. It implies  that a person who possesses .  Asha is capable of doing immense good to others

hen to Recite Ashem Vohu:

1. On waking up in the morning.
2. When lighting a Divo.
3. Before meals, interview* or exam*.
4. Anytime you start something or come across a hurdle or danger.
5. The next time you see an ambulance or Fire Engine with sirens blaring
6. As evil thought tends to enter your mind
7. Remember to pray it with your family.
8. As you fall asleep.
9. Anytime when prayed is an act of virtue
10. After coming in contact with dirt or filth. ???*
11. In pious memory of Holy Farohars.
12. As many times as possible in the ear of a dying person till  Sachkar
13. Time of receiving first news of death of a hamdeen.
14. Time of performing Sezdo (last respect) to baste kustiyan
15. When the Angels come to escort them to their heavenly home

                             AND MOST IMPORTANT
16. Anytime.