Monday, 14 September 2015

Receipe for digestive mukwas

This mukhwas is good for digestion, restoring calcium, iron, zinc, hormonal balance, reverses rheumatoid arthritis, arthritis, throat issues, makes the bone strong . Its strongly recommended for people who are on dialysis since they tend to loose lots of vitamins and minerals and also have to much restrictions on food and fruits Mukhwas ingredients are as follows:

150gms jeera

150 gms saunf (big saunf or Fennel seeds)

150 gms saunf (small saunf or Anise seeds)

150 gms ajwain

150 gms Dill seeds (Suva)

150 gms hulsi ( flax seeds)

150 gms kaala till

150 gms safed till

150 gms khas khas (poppy seeds)

200 gms pumpkin seeds

200 gms water melon seeds

200 gms sunflower seeds

2 full tablespoons of haldi powder .

1 tablespoon black pepper powder

If possible Pinch of peppermint crystal powder as per taste ( its very concentrated so be careful whilst adding it please).

Mix all together and eat quarter teaspoon every half an hour drink 100 ml of water on it for best result. Also eat 1 teaspoon before and after breakfast lunch and dinner .

Please note::Do not grind or roast the above combination.