Monday, 4 July 2016

#SOCIAL MEDIA Tips #Nitin PR TIPS. #Nitin PR 1. Cross promote yr post 2. Run a contest 3. Offer free bees 4.make yr friends like yr page 5. Engage yr audience with UGC User Generation Content. 5. Share others content 6. work on good informative short content. 7. Behind the scene snapshots 8. Connect to Target Audience. 9. Share Nostalgic short stories & Events 10. Put only one or two #HashTag to capture the power of Hash Tag on Twitter. 11. write statistic facts on yr Product. 12. Announce yr Specific product release.13. Put Related Quotes 14. Update yr Profile & Pictures regularly 15. Make an impactful website 16. Vedeo Vlogging .17. Not more than 250 Words on yr Blog 18. Promote Special Holliday or Festival post. 19 .Maintain Dairies and Testimonials of Clients with clients prior Permission for constant client Engagement. 20. Teach yr clients with Value Content 21. Use onstage am to the fullest. 22. Boost your Facebook Page with Target Advertising It really works 23. Set yr Preferred Target Audience 24. Use FREE Sites like. and PIC 25 Create an Ad to boost likes 26 . Share yr website Link to get Targeted Reach 27. Connect yr onstage am to yr Facebook 28. Increase conversions by having a form to be filled on yr Thank you page for tracking Traffic . 29. Reach people who are located near yr Business. 30. Promote & Raise attendants at yr Event. 31. Collect leads for yr Business 32 make a go daddy or Paypal account . 33. Tweeter has 600 million Tweeters 288 million active users . 500 million Tweets a daySOCIAL MEDIA TRAINING NITIN 9821144321

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