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Detox drink its absolute magic

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Importance of making a WILL

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How to grow and succeed in life let go of the cow in your life

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Prayers to protect from cyclone and calamaties

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#Cinnamon# Magic blow it into your home on the 1st of every month

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MAGIC OF NLP-NEURO LINGUISTIC PROGRAMME (Relationship Mastery-How to reprogramme your mind )

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What makes mothers special

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Quarantined -wondering what to do

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Today parsis Worldwide celebrate The water goddess AVA MAA We thank AVAN MAA and Paray to the SEA and Worship Water

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At a parsi wedding of my dear Jalus son Delzad

Amitabh bacchans family on their terrace on 22nd at 5.00

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Listen to Modyji and stay Happy Stsy Blessed

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Sunday 15 March 2020 please vote for my dear friend BINA CAR NUMBER 9 please commeent for car number 9 as winner

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DESIGNER ROHIT VERMA'S NEW COLLECTION INSPIRED BY SINDOOR KHELA AS A PART OF #NOCONDITIONSAPPLY INITIATIVE "Fashion speaks a universal language and it is a great tool to take this initiative forward"  says Designer Rohit Verma Designer Rohit Verma spotlights acid attack victims, single, divorcee, widow, transgender, sex worker, lesbian for his new collection inspired by the bengali festival 'Sindoor Khela" as a part of  #NoConditionsApply initiative by Times of India  His collection aims to empower women to challenge norms that lead to unfair traditions imposed on them for the last 400 years. Rohit's collection is a celebration to their oneness, standing together, proud together. The color palette of the collection revolves around whites & reds. He has used different fabrics like- Tussar Silk, hand woven fabrics. When asked about his new collection in helping to eradicate social atrocities against women, he said "The clothes will make them feel powerful not powerless. Usage of red & white in my collection signifies power. My collection will boost the confidence of these women to make the world their & look good while doing that' "In the span of my career, I have had the opportunity to meet and work with some incredibly strong individuals -- many of them women. It is unfortunate that a section of society is out casted by the society. It is time that they proclaim their rightful place in the society" About #NoConditionsApply campaign-  The #NoConditionsApply campaign by The Times of India took the country by storm in 2018 Durga Puja when it challenged a 400-year-old tradition of Sindoor Khela. The movement began in Kolkata where women from across the socio-economic background, irrespective of their gender, marital status, smeared each other with vermilion (sindoor), and broke the patriarchal symbol of marriage. The powerful dots became the symbol of sisterhood

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Today is Mother Kwan yins Birthday .She is the God Most High in the Universe. Find time to connect to her Seek her Blessings and watch allbur wonderful dreams come true.

#rohitverma fabulous Fashion designer looking forward to attending Rohits Fashion show tomorrow at st Reges Wish you all the best .God Bless you Rohit May all good come your way

Wednesday 11 March 2020

With Sarah

At World Trade Center

At World Trade Center