Wednesday 1 April 2015

4 #Yugas

One of the best msg in the recent days I liked most is
There are four yugas widely accepted in Hinduism. They are :
1.Satya yug
2.Treta yug (Ramayana)
3.Dwapara yug(Mahabharata)
4.Kal yug(Present)
In Satya yug, the figtht was between two worlds.(Devalok & Asuralok) Asuralok being the evil, was a different WORLD.
In Treta yug, the fight was between Rama and Ravana. Both rulers from two different COUNTRIES.
In Dwapara yug, the fight was between Pandavas and Kauravas. Both good and evil from the SAME FAMILY.
Kindly note how the evil is getting closer. For example, from a DIFFERENT WORLD to a DIFFERENT COUNTRY to the SAME FAMILY.
Now, know where is the evil in Kaliyug???
It is inside us. Both GOOD AND EVIL LIVE WITHIN. The battle is within us. Who will we give victory to, our inner goodness or the evil within??
Think, identify and fight the evil .....