Saturday 16 May 2015

# compassion is the Highest #Virtue

When we say compassion is the highest virtue, know that one can be truly compassionate only when they have gone beyond all identifications of thought, opinion and emotion. When you are not identified with anything you will be absolutely virtuous.When you are not identified with anything, only then you are truly capable of compassion. When you are identified you can only be biased. When you are compassionate you are always virtuous.People being sympathetic to certain causes or certain people is not compassion. When you are passionate about everything, when your passion has become all encompassing, then you are compassionate. Compassion is not little pity or sympathy for something. When your passion encompasses everything, you are compassionate.Compassion is the highest virtue in a way and compassion is not possible if you are identified with this or that. Only when you are able to just look at life as life, only then you can be compassionate. If you look at it as my life or your life – no compassion. When life is just life, there is compassion.Virtue is for all human beings and compassion is always the highest virtue. Compassion means including everything in your passion. When the whole existence is involved in your passion, you are compassionate.