Thursday 21 May 2015

#Lifeia Attendance

Class Attendance

School Name: Life

Class: 40 th Std (All students are above 40 years)

Anger - Present sir
Anxiety - Present sir
Boredom - Present sir
Desires - Present sir (in full volume)
Frustration - Present sir
Monthly EMI - Present sir (in full volume)
Office Tension - Present sir
Sadness - Present sir
Worries - Present sir
Uncertainties - Present sir
Happiness - ??? (no sound)
Happiness - ???
Happiness - Absent sir
Peace of mind - Absent sir
Contentment - Absent sir

Class teacher: In life, there is nothing called sadness. Either Happiness Present or Happiness Absent.

Life is very simple to live, but many find it difficult to be simple.

Make it Simple!

Have a fabulous Life