Wednesday 6 May 2015


Surprising but true.
The European Centre for Gastro Research in Stockholm has recently
published its findings that claim that farting long and loud is actually
good for your body! Apart from providing immediate relief and cleansing
the body, repeated farting through the day has medicinal properties,
healing the body internal that is difficult to achieve through modern
The research extensively quotes historical hindu manuscripts and yoga
practices which motivated the institute to launch this research program.
The study mentions  pawan-mukt aasan which specifically deals with a
simple way to trigger the process.
Dr. Ernst Klay, a distinguished professor known for his breakthrough
research in the field of disgestive disorders says that 'When it comes
to farting, longer is better. a fart lasting 4-seconds provides nearly
10-times the healing than a 2-second fart and this multiplier holds for
every 2 seconds. The sound creates vibrations in the alimentary canal
shaking up the intestines which helps in cleaning of the tract. The
longest single reported fart for a severe gastro-patient lasted about 22
seconds and a near normalcy was observed in the case. Farting has long
been a social taboo, and it is time we moved out of the regressive
mindset. An average person microfarts about 4-10 times a day, which is
essential for maintaining the body balance.
Dr. Klay is also a strong proponent of the benefits of inhaling farts.
Despite popular misconceptions there are no known side effects due to
inhalation. In fact research indicates that is may actually be healthy
for you, as ingestion of fart into your body in turn triggers farting
which may eventually be good for you too.
Key is social acceptance and is it time we move out of the old fashioned
mindset and adopt a healthier lifestyle.
For complete details please visit The medical paper has
been published and social awareness activities are being initiated.