Friday 8 May 2015

#Salman #Khan

Numerology works in Salman khan case
BAD NEWS FOR SALMAN KHAN FANS.... he is born on 27/12 so 3;6;9 are his lucky nos.
Hit and run case occurred on 28/9/2002 . 

2+8+9+2002 = 5 .

he hit 5 people on road.

He got 5 years jail.

His age is 50(5+0)5 .

His lawyers age is 59=5+9=14=1+4=5 again.

His car no MH02DA32 SO (3+2)=5

Today's date 8/5/2015
8 is no of Saturn which is also unlucky for him. 

Month is also  may "5"
But Blessings play a great role in our destiny. And Salman has a million blessings too . So he will surely come out of it.